London Super Comic Convention

What a Super job to shoot

This was not a normal portrait shoot. I was given the brief to shoot portraits of the attendees of the London Super Comic Convention (L.S.C.C.), held at the Excel Centre in London. L.S.C.C. is the UK’s biggest and most exciting comic convention. Their show floor plays host to the latest and greatest in comics, comic related memorabilia, superheroes and graphic novels. Their panels and autograph sessions give fans a chance to interact with their favourite creators and there are a large amount of comic items on sale from numerous exhibitors as well as publishers of your favourite comic books. L.S.C.C. is held at the Excel Centre
What an amazing job to shoot. I were fascinated with the stories behind the CosPlayers and just has to share the photographs and the people behind them. So as well as sharing the photographs I also wanted to share a little bit about each person, their costume and who they are beyond cosplay.

Cosplay Name: Moyboy

LSCC MOYBOY 477Home City: Brighton
Outfit/ Costume: Batman
The costume was a blend of a few of Batman’s famous suits, taking what I liked from them and making a new original suit. The cowl neck and chest were all the Dark Knight Rises style the Armour more replicated that seen in the more recent Batman video games but the whole costume was painted and designed by Artist Becky Knapp who exhibited at the LSCC under the name Knapp Art. She used colours from the “Batman Forever” suit and added bright chrome shades to give the costume a constantly lit look. I asked her after seeing her Batman Artwork at and she was fully up for the challenge so all credit to her! I chose Batman because as a kid I remember growing up wishing to be him and this seemed like my perfect chance!
The complete suite is what I am most proud of but I think Becky’s paint job has to be the most perfect bit! It looked so bland and messy before that. She brought the suit to life!
Beyond Cosplay:
I am a Flying Instructor by Profession I teach people up to a Private pilot license level. Hobbies are Flying and I love collecting Batman memorabilia making costumes and films! Project wise, I am looking to make some adjustments to the Batman outfit and just continue to refine it!

Cosplay name : Markosi Gonzarelli Gascoigne

LSCC Markosi Gonzarelli Gascoigne (159)

Name : Markosi Gonzarelli Gascoigne
Home city :  Wakefield
Outfit / Costume : 
– Describe your costume – The Green Hornet, vintage 1940’s serial version
– Why choose your cosplay characters for the day – keeping old-school pulp characters in the public eye
– Piece that you have made that you are most proud of – leather hornet mask
Beyond Cosplay : 
– profession – housing
– hobbies – martial arts, tai chi, live music photography, sci-fi fansite webmaster, published author, cosplay photoshoot organiser
– projects – cosplay photoshoots organised around abandoned urban and graffiti locations

Cosplay name : Chris Hampshire

LSCC (155)
Cosplay Name: I am with a charity group called Iconic Legion.Home City: Wallington, SurreyOutfit / Costume: The Red Skull­Describe your costume:

Black shirt, Black trousers, Black boots, Black Hydra trench coat with black gloves and the red skull mask, it can get very warm in this costume. I always like to choose characters you don’t see much of. Last time I dressed as Red Skull it went down really well so had to bring him out again. This costume was all brought from different places but the best thing that was made was the mask. It’s so well detailed and does look like the movie Red Skull.

Beyond Cosplay : Close Protection Officer
­Hobbies: Well I try to keep fit using weights, I love my football (West Ham) and I am bit of a horror buff.

Projects: I am in a short film what will be out soon called Seize the Night. Staring alongside Emma Dark, Carey Thring, Paul Ewen, Anthony Ilott, Mark Sears, Sharon O’Brien­Lumley, Merlyn Roberts, Laurence Joseph, Joel Brown and Beric Read. Make sure you check it out.

Cosplay name : John Burdis

LSCC John Burdis (314)

Name : John Burdis
Home city : Born Hartlepool, now lives in Maidstone
Outfit / Costume : Mega-City One Judge
– Describe your costume It’s the Street Judge uniform worn by the character Judge Dredd and his fellow Judges, from the pages of 2000 AD
– Why choose your cosplay characters for the day I’m a BIG fan of 2000 AD and all things Dredd. There is no other character in comics that comes close to him and the Judges of Mega-City One due to his complete dedication to the law and protecting his city, no matter what the cost may be!
– Piece that you have made that you are most proud of I don’t have the skills to make something like this. Long story short. I helped out on the fan film ‘Judge Minty’ (it’s on youtube). the creative team behind that made these costumes and asked Rebellion (owners of 2000 AD) if they could have a licence to sell complete costumes. ‘Planet Replicas’ was born and I bought the fIrst uniform and have never looked back.
Beyond Cosplay :
– profession Driver for a major supermarket
– hobbies 2000 AD, Dredd, Rugby and attending conventions.
– projects Nothing, just to attend conventions, spread the word of Dredd and collect merchandise, sketches, artwork, signatures and tales from the creators who work on 2000 AD

 Cosplay name: Bookeater


Home city: Pamplona (Spain)

Outfit / Costume : Pikie from X Men
– Describe your costume:
– Why choose your cosplay character for the day: I love the character and I thought LSCC would be a great oportunity to cosplay her
– Piece that you have made that you are most proud of: the wings, they are really light weight and flexible.
Beyond Cosplay :
– profession: Archaeologist and physical anthropologist
– hobbies: reading, videogames, travel

 Cosplay name : Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou Project

LSCC Sakuya Lzayoi 191
Home town : LondonMy costume was mostly ordered online, it is one of the Sakuya Izayoi earlier outfit designs from Touhou Project.
I chose her as my cosplay character as I like her personality, fighting skills in the game and like her overall design that I wanted to recreate.
I made my back bow for the apron that I have attached and the hair bows but I think the back bow turned out the best in the end.I am a Student of 3D Animation and Games. My hobbies are gaming, drawing, designing, animation, 3D modelling, cosplay and music.
Right now I am working on big animation piece for a final project of this year.  (

Cosplay name: Blink from X-Men : Days of Future Past

LSCC Blink (220)

Home city: London
Outfit / Costume : 
– Describe your costume: Black heeled boots, black jeans, black faux leather jacket with hand embellishments, black/purple synthetic wig
– Why choose your cosplay characters for the day: There are few characters that are of Asian descent in Western cinema, and even fewer where their ethnicity doesn’t play a stereotypical part of their characterisation. I loved that Fan Bing Bing was cast as Blink and there’s an ongoing joke that I always seem to accidentally choose characters of Asian decent to cosplay!
– Piece that you have made that you are most proud of: The hand embellishments on my jacket alone took days worth of hours but I’m really happy with the overall effect. This is very much a work in process – there’s a lot more embellishment that I want to continue with and
Beyond Cosplay : 
– profession: Public relations
– hobbies: playing the violin/flute, working out when my dodgy knee allows, amateur photography, gastronomy
– projects: group cosplay playing Vivi from One Piece, group cosplay playing Gou Matsuoka from Free!, working on my sewing and photo editing.

Cosplay name : Jeni May Baker

LSCC Jeni (262)

Name : Jeni May Baker
Cosplay name : Jeni Mew Cosplay
Home city : Hagley (small village near Birmingham)
Outfit / Costume : Harley Quinn
– Describe your costume – This was my own interpretation of the character, with a “Victorian / Burlesque/ Circus” theme. I made the hammer, skirts and accessories
– Why choose your cosplay characters for the day – She’s a fun character with tonnes of personality.
– Piece that you have made that you are most proud of – The hammer, it’s just so much fun, and being so large it stands out! And it was made in under a week total!
Beyond Cosplay : 
– profession – Graphic Design/Marketing
– hobbies – Apart from cosplay? a bit of photography, does being a cat owner count as a hobby, or profession? Haha!
– projects  – Next up after reorganising my craft room i’ll be working on 2 costumes for MCM expo in May!

Cosplay name : Matt Sheern

LSCC Matt Sheern (359)

Outfit / Costume : 
My costume is The Shredder from the current IDW comics series. Its easily my favourite version of The Shredder, as it has the bright colours that make it look at home in a comic, without looking childish.
Why choose your cosplay characters for the day
Ive loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for as long as I can remember. So the idea of becoming a character from that universe is very appealing to me. I only cosplay characters that I am very passionate about. I made the entire costume myself, apart from the helmet. The armour is easily the part I am most proud of.
Beyond Cosplay : 
Im a motion graphics designer for a TV broadcaster. I basically make animations for TV adverts.
Making cartoons. Playing Bass guitar. Collecting comics.
Im currently working on a short animation called Sub-Pa that I hope to have finished by the end of this year.

Cosplay name : Wolverine

LSCC Wolverine (440)
Name : Michael Hough
Cosplay name: Wolverine
Home city : Suffolk
Outfit / Costume :
– Describe your costume: X-Men Origins Wolverine
– Why choose your cosplay characters for the day: Wolverine is the best there is at what he does!
– Piece that you have made that you are most proud of: my beard!
Beyond Cosplay : 
– Profession: Teacher
– Hobbies: Comicbooks, classic cars; lifting heavy stuff, music, making pancakes!
– Projects: Obtaining an Adamantium skeleton

Cosplay name : X-23

LSCC x-24 (424)
Name : Becky Hough
Cosplay name: X-23
Home city: Suffolk
Outfit / Costume : X-23
– Describe your costume: Traditional comicbook X-23
– Why choose your cosplay characters for the day: She’s Bad-ass
– Piece that you have made that you are most proud of: Claws cause they were a pain in the butt.
Beyond Cosplay : 
– Profession: Student
– Hobbies: I watch a lot of anime and I do flips.
– Projects: Classic Robin from Batman and Robin

Cosplay name : Hildrhien

LSCC Hildrhien (410)

Name: Stephanie Rianne

Cosplay Name: Hildrhien
Home City: USA
Character: Lady Sif from Thor the Dark World
Why I chose to wear this character for the day: she is my most recent costume and the only one I have with me in England.
Piece I am most proud of: my shield!  I absolutely am happy with how it turned out!
Profession: student
Hobbies: reading, video games, Cosplay, singing
Projects: none at the moment.
To find out more about the convetnion visit their site at
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