BTS fashion shoot


This short films shows my approach to a client shoot from ideas, through to being printed and on the wall in the client’s space. I follow a process when conceptualising a shoot to ensure that all of the different elements have been considered.


Idea : Ideas, story and concept

Innovation and learning : Drive creativity through the desire to improve and test new approaches

Interested team selected : Team with the required skills as well as being enthusiastic about the idea (MUA, Model, Hair, styling)


Location, set or studio : Back drop for the concept and identifying gifts in a location

Lighting : Choosing to use hard, soft, diffused light and the impact on the contract, edge transfer and colour

Lens and technical decisions : Compression, depth of field and requirements of the final output


Scenario : The scene and body dynamics for confident posing

Set the energy : Setting the mood, tone, expression through direction

Selection and finish : Layout, balance and burnish to the final photographs


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