I am a photographer based in England. I thrive on solving problems, which is why I love the creative process. I am at my most happy when I am collaborating on concepts and ideas, creating storyboards and then making it happen. I enjoy sourcing locations, pulling together amazing teams and then using my expert lighting knowledge to create the desired aesthetic and emotion. ‘I am a flasher’ as I don’t want to hope nature gives me the light I want, when I can carry light around with me in a cases.

Can you trust me for your project? Yes. Here’s why. I am creative, but my strengths are in organising, planning and making things happen, I have shot portraits of celebrities for magazines, calendars for reality TV shows and advertising for fashion designers. I have arrange shoots in Hong Kong, New York and many cities across Europe, dealing with all of the logistics to ensure that everything runs smoothly. These are the experiences I bring to your project, to ensure that I can ‘Deliver creative solutions’ to solve all your visual needs.


BTS shoot : Vintage wedding dresses




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