Richard Mayfield is known for his versatility, shooting people, products and environments. He is at home in the studio or on location.
Richard’s dynamic approach has proved successful for business, design and advertising clients in the UK and overseas.
He loves to shoot, which is what motivates him to produce the very best content for every client. He has been a professional photographer for 20 years and in that time he has worked with and created content for TOWIE, Lime Productions, Harrods, Archant, Toni and Guy, Nivea, Bentley, Landmark, Comic-Con and many independent businesses.
Starting his visual career as a Graphic Designer, Richard has always had a passion for taking a concept through to reality. He is a photographer based in England and thrives on solving problems, which is why he loves the creative process. Always happy when collaborating on concepts and ideas, creating storyboards and then making it happen. He enjoys sourcing locations, pulling together amazing teams and then using his expert lighting and finishing skills to create the desired aesthetic and emotion. He would say that ‘I am a flasher’, he does not want to hope nature gives him great light when he can carry light around with him.
He has earned his recognition in the industry through the client work that he produces and the long list of awards, which includes the prestigious title ‘British Institute of Professional Photography’ ‘Photographer of the Year 2012’. Richard has always had a passion for contributing to the industry through the workshops that he delivers across the world, by mentoring photographers through qualifications and by being voted onto the ‘Photography Membership services advisory board’ in the UK.
Can you trust him with your project? Yes. Here’s why. He is creative, but his strengths are in, planning and making things happen, he has shot portraits of celebrities for magazines, calendars for reality TV shows and advertising for fashion designers. He has arranged shoots in Hong Kong, New York and many cities across Europe, dealing with all of the logistics to ensure that everything runs smooth. These are the experiences he brings to your project, to ensure that he can ‘Deliver creative solutions’ to solve all your visual needs.
In short, he loves what he does and is driven to get ‘the shot’ and this comes across not only in his photography but in his approach. He offers a personal service tailored to your needs.


BTS shoot : Vintage wedding dresses




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