I’m Richard Mayfield a professional shaper of light, shooting people and fashion. I shoot for brands, who need advertising campaigns shot, to brief, to budget and in my style. 


With a can-do approach, an in-depth understanding of technical requirements, and bags of experience delivering successful campaigns on time and within budget. From household names to start ups…Shooting is my passion.


I thrive on solving problems, which is why I love the creative process.



– River Cottage

– Equinox Kombucha

– Lime Productions

– Archant

– My Protein

– Nivea

– Comic Con

– Russian Ballet Theatre

– Harbour City

– Top Shop 

– Harrods


Favorite drink
Equally coffee and Kombucha, but not together! Ideally, a self-imposed ‘one a day’ of each rule, but this does not always work out that way.

An unusual thing about me
Choice of cutlery. What I eat my food with, is really important to me and I still have spoons from my childhood, that I used at my grandparents house and I still use today.

Favorite colour
More of a monochrome kind of guy, especially when it comes to clothes. Loveit. So underrated.

I most admire
People who work hard to achieve their goals and their happiness.

Favorite film
Friday night sleepovers at my grandparents started my passion for films, where we would watch 16mm films projected onto a 15ft screen. I have a long list to choose from which include Gladiator, Silence of the Lambs and point break are all high up on the list.

Time away from work
As as creative I am not sure I ever fully switch off, but time away from my desk is spent with my family and my two young daughters. With them watching and learning from everything I do, it certainly make me question lots of things from nutrition to the why behind what we do every day.

Guiltiest pleasure
Dipping Rich T biscuits in Yorkshire Tea.

Favorite way to relax
CrossFit keeps me fit and learning new skills all the time. The post workout feeling sets me up for the day with a clear head and bundles of energy.

Things I most like to photograph
I love to shoot people and the technical challenge of lighting a shot that brings the teams vision to life.



+44 (0)7976 455306




Churchfield house, Pudsey Leeds LS28 7RF