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BTS fashion shoot

TRIPLE ILS This short films shows my approach to a client shoot from ideas, through to being printed and on the wall in the client’s space. I follow a process when conceptualising a shoot to ensure that all of the different elements have been considered. TRIPLE ‘I’ Idea : Ideas, story and […]

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Winning the LPC

LIVE PORTRAIT CONTEST I had the honor of being invited to compete against some a group of top photographers from across Europe in the in the Live Portrait Contest (LPC) and what a great challenge it was.The LPC is one of the most exciting competitions for portrait photographers and has been held for […]

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Delivering a Masterclass for the BPP in Koln

  An exciting trip to Cologne (Germany) to present a master class to hundreds of professional photographers from the Bund Photographie Professional. I love new challenges, interesting experiences and stepping out my comfort zone. Presenting to a audience of non-english speakers was one of these new experiences and working with […]

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Richard Mayfield delivering a lighting master class to hundreds of professional photographers in Koln

Interviewed by Seamless

Interview Richard Mayfield is a British photographer who shoots fashion, beauty and portraiture. He started his career as a Graphic Designer and has transferred the strong design and layout skills into his photography. Using experimental and expert lighting techniques he always creates texture within his shots that gives his work […]

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British Institute of Professional Photography Awards 2012

Write up from the BBC “Richard Mayfield is named photographer of the year” Mayfield has been taking pictures professionally for 14 years and is currently the Creative Director over 40 photography studios. His picture, entitled Lisa, won him the prestigious award. “I’m passionate about what I do and it’s wonderful […]

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